My life is bro?

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It’s been a while since I’ve had time to comment on media or even write a post on this blog, but two sites have made it impossible for me not to write up something really fast–

My Life Is Bro and My Life Is Ho, pages modeled after My Life Is Average and F My Life, bring a new level of stupid and degrading to something trying to be pinned as “humorous.”  They are seriously NOT humorous and it would be nice if more people spoke out against the messages they promote. What are these messages?

Well, it makes statutory rape ok–  From MLIH: “today i told my 30 year old Global Studies teacher that i thought he was sexy. he told me to see him in his room after school for detention. when i got there, he locked the door and told me to give him head. so i gave him head them he fucked me on his desk. i loved it. by the way, i’m 14. MLIH.”

It tells men that it’s cool to discredit, ignore and degrade women simply based on their gender and that men don’t have to listen to them– From MLIB: “I got a new boss today at my job. Shes a woman. When she told me to do something I replied ‘But your a woman.’ The next day I got a promotion and now I’m her boss.”

It promotes calling women sluts, bitches and hos and saying they need to be back in the kitchen, making sandwiches– the majority of entries on both sites include references to women belonging in the kitchen–example from MLIB: “Today my bitch was sending me naked pics of herself thru text..i said fuck that, send me a pick of that sandwich your making me.”  and From MLIH: “i got naked & gave him a lap dance in a thong on my parents bed. that bro slapped my ass & told me to get back in the kitchen and make him a sandwitch… mlih.”

Seriously, yall?  Please don’t promote these sites, please tell your friends that these messages are not funny or good, and please stop putting them in your statuses and Facebook posts. The common defense of “oh, lighten up. It’s just for fun and no one takes it seriously” is not adequate. Attitudes like those represented on MLIB and MLIH are incredibly harmful and spread ideas of disrespect; they demean people when we should be doing all we can to lift people up and encourage well-being and equality.


Written by carolinashley

October 13, 2010 at 4:35 pm

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